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Employee Ambassadorship to Aid your Business During the Pandemic and Beyond

Employee ambassadorship is when your staff are so engaged, happy and behind your brand that they promote your business and its products/services to their network. Employee ambassadors are also more focussed on delivering fantastic customer outcomes, regardless of their particular function within the company.

However, if we’re realistic, not all businesses are able to foster employee ambassadorship. The reasons for this vary and are definitely worthy of their own blog post (this isn’t it). Today, our focus is on brands that are encouraging employee ambassadorship in the right way and there are also tips throughout to help you replicate their success.

But before we dive in, you should know that to reap the benefits you must first plant the seeds. You see, having your employees as ambassadors is not a regulation or a policy you enforce. It is a blossom of your values and of nurturing this relationship. When you build trust, respect and appreciation with your employees, you automatically encourage this advocacy. 

Read my full guest blog for Cambridge Social Media here

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