Email Marketing Templates

Designing your newsletters depending on the purpose of the email ( created directly on Mailchimp and other email marketing platforms)



Monthly Content Calendar

Up to 12 posts of planning, ideas & caption writing (including hashtags where applicable)



Monthly Social Media Package

Content calendar, Designs, 
Publishing, engagement, Bi-weekly meetings, monthly reporting, and Ads management.



On-page SEO

Analyzing and optimizing up to 10 web pages including copy review, keywords overview, generating new keywords recommendation and action list, and applying the changes to the website.



SEO Keyword Research

In-depth research for your 5 main keywords to generate a bigger and SE-friendly list including recommendations and suggestions for optimising content and the user journey.



Blogs Copywriting Package (2 per month)

Whether you're a marketing agency or a small coffee shop, blogs are a great way to boost your website visibility and ranking with my SEO-friendly copywriting package of 2 blogs a month (ranges between 500-1000 words per blog)



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